David Franks
A business background

*David Franks*
I graduated in London with a degree in Business Studies and spent more than 30 years in business, from large corporations to my own international company. After selling the company, I re-trained in Berlin as a teacher of English as a foreign language and gained my CELTA qualification.

Since then, I have taught in Munich and Cambridge. In most cases, my students have needed to improve their English for work and they have been at every level of their organisation—and indeed at every level of English ability.

As a student of French and German, amongst other languages, I know what it’s like to wrestle with grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary and I have had to telephone, email, negotiate, have meetings and make sales presentations in another language.

Jennie Franks
Jennie Franks

I, too, have travelled, lived and studied abroad and know how it feels to be welcomed into a home in a foreign country. I want to make your stay with us a happy one. I enjoy cooking—with an international flavour—and will be happy to show you around the city. I also run an advertising business and, in my spare time, I like going to the theatre and exploring the countryside around Cambridge by bike or on foot.

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